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BurnaMycin Spray (2 oz)

Cooling Pain Relief Formulated with Aloe Vera Gel & Menthol

Calamycin Lotion(4 oz)

Medicated Lotion
Skin Protectorant

DermaMycin Spray (2 oz)

Quick Drying
Non-Aerosol Spray

Dermtex 1% HC Spray (1.75 oz)

Soothing, Moisturizing, Anti-itch cream, Antipruritic

Sun Chaser Gel (PlasticTube) (3 oz)

Lidocaine Cooling Pain Relief

Bacitracin Ointment (1 oz)

First Aid antibiotic
External analgesic

Fung-O Liquid (.5oz)

For the removal of corns, calluses, common warts (recognized by the rough "cauliflower-like" appearance of the surface) and plantar warts (recognized by its location only on the bottom of the foot, its tenderness, and the interruption of the footprint pattern).

Mothers Friend Cream (4oz)

Emollient body skin cream for the stretched, tight, dry skin of pregnancy.

Scalp Mycin HC 1% (2 oz)

Stops Itching
Fast Drying
Clear, Odorless
Greaseless liquid
Moisturizing Aloe Vera

Tetterine Soap (3.25oz)

Delightfully Fragrant and Cleansing

Triple Antibiotic Ointment (1 oz)

First aid antibiotic, Prevents infection